Techno-Filt International is Manufacturer and Supplier of Bag Filter in India. The durable and cost-effective filter vessel is resistant to a comprehensive range of chemicals It allows the user to choose the filter media and supply accurately to fit their specific requirements.

Our company is the leading exporter of bag filter housings. Original innovations have been the logic for a vastly varied range of vessels to meet the high demanding as well as standard uses from single to multibag housings, stainless steel to engineered plastic vessels.

The advantages of bag filters are –

  • High solids collection capacity.
  • Easy change out saves manpower,
  • Cheapest solution,
  • Contaminant retained in bag is easy for disposal,
  • Minimum loss of processing fluids etc.

Bags are made from polypropylene or polyester. Usually woven material is used for making bags. For finer filtration non-woven media is superior. It is accurately stitched at the joints and the top rubber color. Color is used to hold the bag in the housing as shown here in the picture. A dispenser is inserted in to the bag housing to hold the bag and avoid by-pass. The bag is rested on perforated cylinder.

The filtration is in to out in bag filter. Fluid enters from the top of the housing in to the bag. Contamination retains on the bag and clear fluid passes from bag through perforated cylinder. Once bag is full of contamination, one wants to clean it by taking it out from the housing or replace it with different one.

Regular size of the bags is 7″ x 33″ and 7″ x 14″. However it can be made of any size as per the necessity. In case of high flow rate, multi bag housing can be provided to take care of the flow. Standard bags are accessible from 5 to 100 micron cut-off range.

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