Depth stack filter cartridges are new type of filter cartridges with depth filter sheets. They are based on a fully new design incorporating the double separator concept.


1 .Particle Removal
2 .Polishing Filtration
3 .Final Filtration (germ removal)
4. Chill Haze Removal
5. Bottling Filtration
6. Clarifying Filtration
7. Filtration after Stabilization
8. Pre-filtration prior to Final Membrane Filters
9. Removal of Colloids


  • Backwashable, resulting in high total throughput
  • Easy and reliable handling
  • Rigid external clips prevent damage of the filter sheet during module loading and unloading.
  • No filter sheet deformities after heat treatment
  • No adverse effects to filter sheets  when in contact with hot sanitization or process filtration.
  • Increased filtration security
  • Separator design increases the total stability of the filter cartridges as the
    separators fully support the sheet material.

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